Welcome to our Homepage

You are at the homepage of the chair of sociology, where our emphasis is societal comparison.

The main focus at the chair is to provide a comparative analysis of social structure of modern societies and their social change. We seek to accomplish this by using a micro-macro analytical approach.

Based on sociological, economical as well as social-psychological micro-theories, we attempt to explore the connections between individual behaviour patterns and the contexts and social structures they are embedded in, illustrating them by a comparative analysis of the societies.

The teaching spectrum of the chair encompasses B.A. Sociology courses “Social structures and processes” (lecture and tutorials) and “European societies” (lecture and tutorials). Our advanced B.A. and M.A. module courses are “Migration and integration of immigrants”, “Social inequalities and ethnic differentiation” and “Education and labour market”.

Research activities focus on comparative analyses of social structure of modern industrial societies with special emphasis on education and labour markets, social inequality and mobility, migration and integration. Our projects  are hosted by the Mannheim Centre for European Social Research (MZES), Department A.