An Overview of the Lectures in HWS 2017

This page outlines courses currently taught at the chair and related topics like examination dates, a timeline of the semester, the dates for post-exam reviews, summerizes past courses and provides general information about the programme insociology. The navigation bar on the left side will guide you to the coresponding subpages. If you want to participate in a lecture and your are not a student so far move on to »general information«. There are further course information and you'll get general advice how to participate as a guest or senior student. 

Prof. Dr. Irena Kogan

  • Vorlesung »Sozialstruktur Deutschlands im internationalen Vergleich«

  • Hauptseminar »Integration der Zuwanderer«

  • Dissertation Tutorial

Amrei Maddox, Angelina Springer, Markus Weißmann, Thomas Grauenhorst

  • Übungskurs »Sozialstruktur Deutschlands im internationalen Vergleich«

Ph.D. Oshrat Hochman

  • FS Research Project »Integration and Intergroup Relations

Jonas Stein

    • Tutorium zur Vorlesung »Sozialstruktur Deutschlands im internationalen Vergleich«