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General Course Information

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Bachelors programme

The B.A Sociology at the University of Mannheim offers a work-related sound training with focus on sociology and social psychology. After your studies you will be trained to deal with a wide range of theoretical and empirical problems. The emphasis will be on comparison — especially of the german society compared to other European countries — as well as the tools to manage empirical research issuses.

Masters programme

The M.A. Sociology degree program at the School of Social Sciences offers a two-year research-oriented education in an internationally renowned research university environment. The program builds on the strength of its faculty in empirical-analytical approaches, particularly in quantitative methods and comparative research. The curriculum emphasizes training in empirical analysis that is firmly grounded in both theory and rigorous methods. Substantive areas of concentration include Family, Education & Work, Migration & Integration, Economy & Social Welfare State, and Social Inequality. All classes are taught in English.

Information for Guests and Senior Students

Guest student

A guest student ist a a student who's not matriculated in Mannheim but participate regularly at university courses. A general admission is not necessary. You can easily join courses an open up horizons for new individual interests. 

Senior student

A senior study is an other liked possibility to participate at university courses but is used exclusively for seniors thirsting for education. You could take part in a wide range of courses which the university offers. A senior study therefore offers a great alternative to expand your personal and mental horizon and explore a new fields of interests.